Monday, January 10, 2011

Mukti Bandhan - the latest Indian Soap Opera

Mukti Bandhan - the latest Indian Soap OperaSerial Name: Mukti Bandhan
Based on: Harikishan Mehta's Gujarati novel Mukti Bandhan
Loosely based on: The story of Dhirubhai Ambani
Language: Hindi, Gujarati
Genre: Adaptive Story
Format: TV Drama
Created by: Shobhana Desai Production Pvt Ltd
Written by: Vipul Mehta
Lead Actors:
  • Shiv Subramaniam as Ishwarlal Motilal Virani
  • Surbhi Zaveri as Charulata Virani
  • Raj Singh as Siddharth Virani
  • Esha Kansara as Devika
  • Ekta Saraia as Rajvi Siddharth Virani
  • Yohana Vacchani as Preety virani
  • Utkarsh Majumdar as Motilal
  • Meenal Patil as Ratna
  • Ramesh Talwar
  • Nazneen Patel
Shobhana Desai has said in an interview that she is not going to telecast a special show for the Ambanis like it happened at the time of Guru as this is not a 100% adaptation of his life. Mukti Bandhan is the story of an ordinary young villageman from Gujarat who leads the corporate battles with his extraordinary business sense and support of his wife Charulata Virani. In Mukti Bandhan, I M Virani has a threat from Devki (his business rival) and his wife give him unconditional support to come out victorious.

Mukti Bandhan star I M Virani on Bigg Boss 4 finale

Mukti Bandhan star I M Virani on Bigg Boss 4 finaleShiv Subramaniam (remember Bishti Baba of 1942 A Love Story, Khandagle opposite Nana Patekar in Prahaar or Anti Narcotics Officer Lobo in Kaminey recently) is a known actor in the Bollywood sphere and is known for somewhat harsh roles. Shiv was recently seen with Bollywood actor Salman Khan on the stage of the finals of Bigg Boss Season 4. Salman called Shiv Subramaniam (I M Virani of Mukti Bandhan) to introduce the story of the upcoming soap opera to the audience watching the finale of BB4.

Shiv Subramaniam came with a one rupee coin saying that I came with this one rupee only from my village and turned it into millions. Salman jokingly took control of that one rupee coin from Shiv and said that he's not going to share the million bucks with any other fellow but distribute them amongst the BB4 inmates. Not only Mukti Bandhan's I M Virani, but the Phulwa of Phulwa was also called on stage to introduce her upcoming serial.

All of the serials are becoming a marketing platform for one another. It was shocking to see Salman Khan promoting the two shows - Mukti Bandhan and Phulwa - but why not, afterall Colors TV promoted his Dabangg recently and has already showed it two times on the TV.

To promote the movie Dabangg, Colors even showed it being a replacement for Jai Santoshi Maa in Balika Vadhu too. :) It's money game brother.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mukti Bandhan to soon start on Colors TV

Mukti Bandhan to soon start on Colors TVMukti Bandhan is a new show that is soon going to be started on the Colors Television channel on January 10, 2011. Mukti Bandhan will be telecast at 9:30 PM, the time at at which Bigg Boss was being telecast but since it ended on January 8th, Colors has brought two new shows namely Mukti Bandhan and Phulwa.

While Phulwa is the story of a young girl of the beehads of Madhya Pradesh, Mukti Bandhan is the story of rags to riches of a person named I M Virani who came with just only 1 rupee from his village and is now able to buy anything in Mumbai. I M Virani is the son of a former school teacher who used to teach him 2 + 2 = 4, but I M Virani learnt that 2 + 2 = 22 and other ways of making money.

Mukti Bandhan has always been declared controversial since in one of its promos, I M Virani was heard to have said that he allegedly took Rs. 1 lakh of dowry just for the sake of his investment in the business. Let's see how the program does on the television and gains TRPs.